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Buy Bitcoins Today Bitcoins maybe the currency of the revolution or maybe just a good place to keep your money safe from the global financial crisis that doesn’t seem to be getting any better. This site is dedicated to show casing the best places a consumer has to buy and sell Bitcoins. For more information on Bitcoins check this link […]

Earn Bitcoins

BTCFaucet is one of the most easy to use Bitcoin wallets online. Don’t have any bitcoins? No problem, you can get some for free. When you open a wallet on BTC Faucet, you can send and receive Bitcoin payments from anywhere, without the need to install any software. The number of merchants online and in real life that […]

Forex trading in Bitcoins

Forex in Bitcoins! Bit4X enables you to trade over 30 Forex currency pairs on a pro platform in Bitcoins, including Gold and Silver! Bitcoin Forex trading site

Get a job that pays you in Bitcoins

Wow! The Bitcoin movement is rocking.  You can now get a job that pays you exclusively in Bitcoins.  Check these links out and let me know if you get a gig! – A KickAss Bitcoin Job Board   Bitcoin Jobs | Work for better money This is a free, collaborative job board. Job listings […]

How can I convert my Bitcoins to another currency?

Ripple is a very interesting new site. Send money in dollars, euros, yen or Bitcoin. No added work or fees for foreign transactions. Transactions are confirmed within seconds. No more waiting days for bank transfers. Say goodbye to 2-3% fees. Your money should belong to you. No restrictions, minimum fees or penalties. You are in […]


it seems that an incredible milestone has been passed.  Bitcoin has surpassed the $200.00 mark.  The recent activity in Botcoin is intense.  Bitcoin is exploding with world currency markets becoming less and less stable.


Links to news articles about Bitcoins and Bitcoin information

This is a cool article from Foxnews about Bitcoins for the uninitiated.  It seems like Fox is doing a new Bitcoin story every other day lately. When they first began pinging across the Internet, bitcoins could buy you almost nothing. Now, there’s almost nothing that bitcoins can’t buy. From hard drugs to hard currency, songs to […]

Bitcoins – a brief history

     History of Bitcoins As the internet started to grow and services like Paypal started popping it helped to inspire new innovations for exchanging currencies, thus. Bitcoins were born. Bitcoins are virtual currencies which are used across the internet. Bitcoin exchange occurs between two peers and there are quite a few places that allow […]